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2023 Season Tix

Season Tickets are now available to purchase! Grab yours now to support the local team that loves their hometown of Wichita!


Learn how you can support your local professional basketball team - and make a positive impact on the community and your business!

Wizarding News


Catch up on all the Wizards news, games and appearances.

wizards join
maba league

.   The Wichita Wizards are proud to announce that they are among the founding teams of the new Mid-America Basketball Association. 

Let's Go Wizards!
Do you want excitement, some fast action, and high-scoring basketball entertainment? Well, you've found it with the Wichita Wizards.


We think Wichita is the perfect location for a professional team - and the Wichita Wizards have proven us right every year since their first tip-off. The inaugural season for the Wichita Wizards was in 2019 when they went undefeated with a 14-0 record and were ranked #1 for the final seven weeks of the season to become the premier team in the league. The team adds to an extensive collection of professional sports proving Wichita truly is a sports city.

Each season, the Wizards play approximately 14 regular-season games against teams based all over the United States. The team is made up of former college players and those looking to play at the next level professionally. The sophomore season for the Wizards was sadly devastating for the team, but Wichita was all-in. During the Covid-affected season of 2021, all 12 active roster players were local Wichitans. In 2022, the team ownership recruited an assortment of more Wichitans - local professionals to help boost the behind-the-scenes business of the game and help recover from the pandemic. 

Wichita Wizards Accomplishments
Our 2019 Season 
• 14-0 Regular Season Record, finished 14-1
• Ranked #1 in the league for the last 7 weeks of the season
• 5 Wizards selected to All-Star Weekend
• Averaged +120 points per game

• Heartland Conference Regular Season Champions

Our 2021 Season
• 8-1 record

• Averaged more than 1oo points per game

• Kaelon Gary received the MVP Award for the 2021 Season

• Heartland Conference Regular Season Champions

Our 2022 Season

• 8-5 overall record, 6-2 in conference play

• #1 seed in the Finals

• Averaged more than 1oo points per game

• Heartland Conference Regular Season Champions

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