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December 14, 2022


WICHITA, KAN. The Wichita Wizards are proud to announce that they are among the founding teams of the new Mid-America Basketball Association. The new professional league, which was the creation of Wizards owner Mark Creed, was introduced by his handpicked commissioner, Romio Harvey, this week. The inaugural season will begin in March 2023.

The dream of a new league for young, talented players began for Creed and the Wizards last summer after the playoffs. Creed began talking to prospective team owners, consulting experts and the new league came together quickly as he found others in the area with the same dream and high ideals for a league that put players first and the owners in charge.

"The purpose behind developing a new league was very simple. There are no leagues, aside from the NBA, that are controlled by owners. We chose to create a league like the NBA, but on a much smaller scale. It allows us to band together and control our own destiny, and gives us strength through collaboration, and leaves the competition to the court only," said Creed.

The MABA also allows for success with every organization through collaboration and innovation, Creed continued.

"We are able to work as a team of owners to build something successful," said Creed.

Creed brought professional basketball back to Wichita in 2018 when he launched the Wizards onto the local sports scene. The inaugural season for the Wichita Wizards was in 2019 when they went undefeated with a 14-0 record and were ranked number one for the final seven weeks of the season to quickly become the premier team in their former league. The team has had a successful season every year since.

"The Wizards were founded for the purpose of bringing pro basketball to Wichita, giving an opportunity for young men of Wichita and surrounding areas to follow their dreams of playing at the next level, and to provide an organization that can make a difference in the community through sport, mentorship, and volunteering," said Creed.

The Wizards team is made up of former college players and those looking to play at the next level professionally. With three seasons and three conferences championships, the Wizards look to carry that success into the new league. During the Covid-affected season of 2021, all 12 active roster players were local Wichitans.

In 2022, the team ownership recruited an assortment of more Wichitans for the support staff - local professionals to help boost the behind-the-scenes business of the game and help recover from the pandemic.

New positions included marketing help and a chief of game-day operations.

"Our goal is to develop each organization to a point where a game day is an event, not just a game," said Creed. "Creating a great fan experience is very important to the success of every organization."

Look for music, entertainment, giveaways, and much more, along with a high level of entertaining basketball this spring when the team hits the hardwood.

"It will take a little time to get every organization to the level that they want to be, but it will definitely be a season of growth in 2023," said Creed.


Mark Creed 918-404-3183

Lisa Henshall 316-312-5640

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