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AUGUST 28, 2023

WICHITA, KANSAS - The Wichita Wizards are pleased to announce that a Wichita basketball powerhouse from a legacy-filled family is on board to coach the Wizards for their 2024 season and beyond. Hometown player and coach, Johnny Murdock, is the new head coach for the Wichita Wizards. 

And he is ready to start working some magic.

Murdock is excited to get on the practice court with his new team: "I want to bring a close-knit family relationship with the players. But also, structure and discipline." 

His coaching style?  Defensive Uptempo!!

His enthusiasm and that coaching style are just a couple of things that made CEO and Wizards' founder, Mark Creed, look to Murdock for leadership.

"Coach Murdock is a great addition to the Wizards for many reasons -first off,  he is a basketball man. His resume as a player, coach, and official, speaks for itself. His connections with the Wichita community,, and desire to make a difference in it, will be key to his success in this organization," said Creed. "I’m very happy to have him on board, and definitely looking forward to a great future!"

Who is Murdock?  "I am a God-fearing grandfather, father, son, brother. A love-basketball guy. And I love kids! I like working with kids and I like connecting with kids. Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, I have been involved with basketball for more than 40 years, one way or the other." 

Murdock started playing basketball when he was seven years old. He began playing because his older brother Jeff Murdock played, and Johnny said he was his brother's "shadow growing up. He was the main reason for my love of basketball."

To drop a few more local basketball star names, his father Mitch played, as well, and was one of the influences on his life and basketball. Also, a younger sister Dawne Murdock played, and a younger brother Jason Murdock played, as well. In addition, Johnny has two sons who play. The oldest, Jordan, played for Friends University - where the Wichita Wizards have their home court - and is still the Falcons' all-time leading scorer. His son Johnny Jr. Is currently playing his senior season at Kansas Wesleyan University and last but certainly not least, his daughter Johnna Is a sixth grader who began playing about three years ago. 

But Coach Murdock has some good-looking stats of his own, in addition to his current coaching duties he has a history of excellence on the court: 

Wichita South High School 

2x State Champ

2x All City

All State


Missouri State University (1991-1995)

All-Freshman Team

3x All-Conference 
Missouri State University H.O.F.

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