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Wichita Wizards Unveil Exciting Home Season Schedule

Wichita, Kan. [January 16, 2024] – The Wichita Wizards, a professional basketball team rooted in community pride, are thrilled to announce their upcoming home season schedule, promising a series of thrilling matchups that are set to captivate fans and bring the local community together.

The Wizards, who celebrate their fifth season in 2024, are gearing up for an action-packed season that promises unforgettable moments on the court. The team's commitment to community spirit is reflected in their motto: "Locally owned. Locally proud."

Wichitan and Wizards Founder Mark Creed said "I’m very optimistic about the 2024 season. We have made some changes such as, a new coaching staff, and several new players that will improve our lineup one through 12."

The Wichita Wizards have soared to unprecedented success since their inaugural season. From humble beginnings as a dream of Wichitan Mark the franchise quickly grew and the team's commitment to excellence, both on and off the court, has garnered regional respect and the eyes of scouts. With a focus on community engagement and a roster of talented athletes both from Wichita and around the country, the Wizards have not only secured the big wins, but have also cultivated a dedicated fan base that rallies behind them at every game.

"Beyond the scores and statistics, the Wichita Wizards have become synonymous with a winning culture, embodying the spirit of unity and pride that defines Wichita . As they begin practice for yet another promising season, the Wizards stand as a testament to the success that dedication, passion, and a commitment to local pride can bring to a sports franchise," said Lisa Henshall, VP of Communications..

Here's a glimpse of the Wizards' home basketball schedule:

APRIL 13:** vs Tulsa*

APRIL 20:** vs Anna, TX

APRIL 27:** vs Tri-State 66ers*

MAY 18:** vs Ft. Riley

MAY 19:** vs Tinker AFB

JUNE 1:** vs Ct. KS Twisters*

JUNE 15:** vs Oklahoma Kings*

JUNE 22-23:** Playoffs


*MABA League Games

Fans can expect an electrifying atmosphere on their home court of Friends University where Wichitans can see the Wizards showcase their skills and determination to make this season one for the books. The team encourages the community to come out, show their support, and be a part of the excitement that only live professional basketball can offer.

The Wichita Wizards have been bringing the excitement to Wichita since their founding in 2018, with an opening season in 2019.

The 2019 season was nothing short of spectacular, as the Wizards boasted a flawless 14-0 regular season record, finishing 14-1 overall and securing the top rank in the league for the last seven weeks. The team's prowess was further highlighted with five Wizards earning coveted spots at the All-Star Weekend, showcasing the depth of talent within the roster. In 2021, the Wizards continued their winning streak with an 8-1 record, consistently averaging over 100 points per game and clinching the Conference Regular Season Champions title. Kaelon Gary's recognition as the Conference MVP underscored the team's individual excellence. Even in the 2022 season, despite facing some challenges, the Wizards demonstrated resilience with an 8-5 overall record, earning the #1 seed in the Finals and once again securing the Conference Regular Season Champions title. The subsequent move to the new MABA League in 2023 saw the Wizards maintain their competitive edge, finishing 9-4 overall and clinching a runner-up position in the championship. Individual accolades, including MABA 1st and 2nd team honors and the MABA Defensive Player of the Year award, further solidify the Wichita Wizards' legacy as a basketball powerhouse.

For ticket information, merchandise, and additional details, visit the Wichita Wizards' official website at [].

"We look forward to entertaining all of our fans with some great basketball, and we hope to see you in the seats cheering for your Wichita Wizards," said Creed.

Follow the Wichita Wizards on social media for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes content:

- Facebook: WichitaWizards

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: @WizardsWichita

- Instagram: @wichitawizards

Join us in celebrating community, sportsmanship, and the love of the game with the Wichita Wizards. Get ready for a season filled with intense competition, camaraderie, and the joy of basketball.

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