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Wizards @ Woodman

The Wichita Wizards met some stiff competition during a game at Wichita's Woodman Elementary Thursday afternoon. The team, staff and Lady Wizards dropped by for a little fun and a pick-up game with the students.

"We were having an amazing time at Woodman elementary," said CEO and founder, Mark Cred. "It was a small gym, with approximately 200 kids sitting around the gym floor, and four of our players playing against five of their students."

While the team members might have had a height advantage, the crowd was definitely behind the local kids.

"The sound was deafening when one of the students made a basket," enthused Creed.

The pick-up game was a great extra practice for the Wizards (1-1) before their Sunday afternoon game against the OKC Lightning. And a lot more fun!

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