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Meet the Wizard Head Coach!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Introducing Terry Stucky


For the past 45 years, Terry Stucky has been playing, officiating, coaching or doing play-b

y-play for his favorite sport - basketball. Stucky has been with the Wizards organization since the first year. He's well-known and respected in south central Kansas basketball circles, because of his time on-air and especially from his time as the head coach at Fairfield High School.

Founder and CEO Mark Creed said, "I wanted him to coach because I knew he saw my vision, and I knew he wanted to coach these players and help them improve their games. It also helps greatly that he’s doing this for all the right reasons!"

Creed and the Wizards board are thrilled to see Stucky move from management to head coach this season citing his "vast knowledge of the game ,ability to lead and manage and commitment."

Terry is 55, and is from Pretty Prairie, Kan. When not on the hardwood, he can be found hard at work on his farm.

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